Reading Red.
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Reading Red.
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5 Tip Tuesday: for the bloggers
Support local Toronto writing, acting, singing and DJ talent!
 June 12, 2014
Magic Oven (organic pizzeria), 347 Keele Street, Toronto
7 - 10 pm
Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door:
Actors will perform scenes from Robert Mulolo’s play ‘Why Me?’
Joseph Neale will sing and serenade the crowd.
DJ Groove will keep the vibe nice for networking.
Prizes and surprises to be expected.

Our pop culture blogger Linda Holmes went to BookCon this past weekend, and she has some thoughts a fascinating and important cultural force: the Book Girls.

On the young end, they may only be 10 or 11; they remain demographically Book Girls at least through college. And they do, on a broad scale, seen in large groups, seem to emerge as a type that is in a sense unfair to all of them but feels like a weighted average: They dress for comfort; they pull their hair back. They move in groups, they drink iced coffee, they talk about podcasts, I secretly suspect as I eyeball their earbuds that all their music is playlists, and they read all the time. They have The Fault In Our Stars shirts that say “Okay” and “Okay” in word balloons, they are very glad Harry and Hermione never got together because that would have been terribly reductive, and they consider power and individuality to be topics for books that are at least as important as kissing.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: I want to be Linda Holmes when I grow up.
— Petra
Top 5 Reasons You Better netWORK!

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn (F, 20s, green cardigan, brown suede booties, blue doodled sticky note bookmark, Q train)

Hi, so, I’m selling a dozen books. And before I take them to a used bookstore or just donate them, I thought I’d offer them to this lovely book-loving community first. The details… 

Books, books for sale. Advertising books for sale.
"Don’t call it uncertainty - call it wonder. Don’t call it insecurity - call it freedom.”

- Osho "


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When an aspiring writer asked the great Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope (born 199 years ago today) about the secret of success in writing, Trollope responded with a witty and wise letter of advice.